2012 - Mar. 12 - - "DCR Submitting New Application for Neponset River Greenway Corridor Funds"

2012 - Feb. 28 - - "Boston Bike Update: 600 Hubway Bikes, 142,000 Trips & 50 Miles of New Bike Lanes"

2012 - Jan. 30 - - "DCR Opens the Walter Baker Pedestrian Bridge"

2012 - Jan. 24 - Dorchester Reporter - "State to Dedicate New Pedestrian Bridge in Lower Mills"

2011 - Nov. 6 - - "Final Segments of Bike Path are Closer to Completion"

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2011 - Nov. 3 - Dorchester Reporter - "State Seeks $13 Million to Finish Neponset Greenway"

2011 - Nov. 3 - - "$13.1 Million Grant Sought to Fund Milton, Mattapan Bike Path"

2011 - Oct. 26 - - "Solar Facility Underway in Dorchester"

2011 - Oct. 11 - Boston Cyclists Union - Survey Conducted of Bicyclists and Pedestrians in Future Connection Areas of Neponset Trail

2011 - Sept. 9 - Milton Times - "Bike Path Plan Gets Good Reviews"

2011 - Sept. 8 - Bay State Banner - "Neponset River Trail Bridges Mattapan and Milton"

2011 - Aug. 31 - Dorchester Reporter - "Best Hope Yet for Completing the Greenway Trail"

2011 - Aug. 31 - - "Mattapan Residents Get Closer to Complete Neponset Trail"

2011 - Aug. 31 - MassMarrier on Blogspot - "Greenway Going Great"

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2011 - Aug. 9 - Boston Cyclists Union - "DCR Hatches Plan to Link South Boston to the Blue Hills via bike path by 2013"

2011 - Aug. 11 - Dorchester Reporter - "Fed Dollars Sought to Finish Neponset Greenway Trail"

2010 - Jul. 25 - The Patriot Ledger - "Longer Walking Paths Proposed Along Neponset River"

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2009 - Jun. 26 - Dorchester Reporter - "MBTA Plans to Revive its Project at Mattapan Square"

2006 - Jun. 29 - - "MBTA Unveils Bike-Friendly Commuter Car "

1997 - Mar. 23 - City Weekly - " Blazing a New Bicycle Trail"



“A greenway should be an avenue to nature! Let people have access to as much as possible – having access on both sides [is] ideal.” - Anonymous (2010)


“I use the current trail daily on my bicycle commute from my home in Milton to Boston University School of Medicine in Boston's South End...By extending the Greenway through Mattapan and developing a solution to the "mile of death" on Morrissey Boulevard, an even larger group of commuters from the communities south of Boston will be served. ” - C. James McKnight, Milton, MA (2011)


“The new[ly constructed] path on Truman Parkway is a welcome addition, so I would [also] like to safely cross from Brush Hill Road through Mattapan…” -Colleen Lawler, Milton, MA (2010)


“I’m very pleased with what I saw and the comments I heard from the Public, the politicians, the DCR and the Designers [at the public meeting in August 2011].” - Mark Tedrow, Roslindale, MA (2011)


“Completion of the paths would make commuting and other cycling safe and efficient for my sons and me. Please support this project.” - Michael Ball, Hyde Park, MA (2011)


“I strongly support the Neponset River Greenway Completion Project because it will help people commute to work safely, as well as encourage outdoor physical recreation.” - Morgan Younkin, South Boston, MA (2011)


“…My wife and I were both pleased with the new compromise plan, and are anxious to see the project proceed.” - Mark and Leila Snyder, Milton, MA (2011)


“A robust system of bicycle and walking paths linked to public transportation hubs and leading from residential neighborhoods to job centers will help keep these cities efficiently working in the face of disruption and change. ” - Herbert Nolan, Wellesley, MA (2011)


“...completing this trail will create jobs, something so desperately needed in today's economy. How can one not see the benefit in creating jobs, healthier lifestyles, and completing perhaps the best bike trial the Northeast has ever seen?” - Tim Deihl (2011)


“This is an important project for the Boston and Milton communities and will essentially complete a transportation, recreation, environmental, and community building effort that has been sixteen years in the making.” - Peter F. Jackson, Milton, MA (2011)


“When built, I believe this off-street path will become a well-integrated key element in the City of Boston's larger effort to connect all of Boston's neighborhoods via safe and enjoyable bikeways for bike commuting...Please consider supporting the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation's Neponset River Greenway Completion Project as a way to improve transportation options for Bostonians... ” - Jodi Sperber (2011)


“Connecting Central Ave and Mattapan would greatly improve my commute. Not only would it be safer, it would also allow me to enjoy the river.” - Hugh Stringer, Milton, MA (2011)


“Completion of this path will provide new commuting options including useful links to MBTA service. In addition, there will be more options for accessing local businesses and recreational facilities by bicycle and walking. ” - Teresa Hayden (2011)


“Completion of this project will secure healthy, safe passage of bicycles for generations to come. ” - Charles Lucas, Dorchester, MA (2011)


“This project will have a direct, positive impact on my bicycle commute from my home in South Boston to work in Canton, MA .” - Steve Murphy, South Boston, MA (2011)


“It is time to get this project finished.” - Michael Palmer, Milton, MA (2011)