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ELECTRIC97-96STANDARDS OF CONDUCTInvestigation by the Department of Public Utilities upon its own motion commencing a rulemaking, pursuant to 220 C.M.R. §§ 2.00 et seq. revising standards of conduct governing the relationship between gas and electric distribution companies and their unregulated marketing affiliates, currently set forth at 220 C.M.R. §§ 12.00 et seq. to include all affiliates.RULEMAKING10/17/199710/17/1997 

Docket Electronic Filings
Affiliate Transactions Log1/12/2007Western Massachusetts Electric Company- Affliate Transactions Log. By Lisa J. Thibdeau. DTE 97-96
WMECO to Affiliated Cos Part One1/12/2007Western Massachusetts Electric Company- Affliate Transactions Log. By Lisa J. Thibdeau. DTE 97-96
NUSCO Bill to WMECO Part Two1/12/2007Western Massachusetts Electric Company- Affliate Transactions Log. By Lisa J. Thibdeau. DTE 97-96
 1/13/2006Western Massachusetts Electric Company- Affiliate Transaction Log. By Lisa J. Thibdaue. DTE 97-96 
 1/14/2005Western Massachusetts Electric Company- Affiliate Transition Log. By Lisa J. Thibdaue. DTE 97-96 
 8/11/1999Boston Edison Company Consumer Log and Dispute Resolution Procedures. By Catherine J. Keuthen. DTE 96-44/96-100/97-96 
 8/10/1999WMECO Dispute Resolution Procedure. By Stephen Klionsky. DTE 96-44/96-100/97-96 
 2/5/1999Annual log of affiliate transactions ByTimothy A Clark, Colonial Gas 97-96 
 2/1/1999Annual report of Boston Edison By Theodora S Convisser 97-96 BECO 
 1/21/1999Log of Transactions between distribution companies and affiliates By Timothy A Clark, Colonial Gas 97-96 
 9/15/1998Letter to Ms. Cottrell dated 9/10/98 By David A Fazzone, McDermott, Will, & Emery 97-96 
 9/10/1998Letter to Ms. Cottrell, dated 9/10/98 By David A. Fazzone, McDermott, Will & Emery. 97-96 
 7/24/1998Letter to Ms. Cottrell dated 7/24/98 fromTimothy A Clark, Colonial 97-96 
 7/7/1998Letter to Ms. Cottrell dated 6/25/98, from Stephen Klionsky, WMECO 97-96 
 6/9/1998Letter to Ms. Cottrell, dated 6/9/98 from Mary Elizabeth Tighe, Statoil 97-96 
 6/9/1998Letter to Ms. Cottrell, dated 6/9/98, from Mary E. Tighe, Statoil 97-96 
ORDER6/1/1998ORDER ISSUED Commissioners: Besser, Connelly, Keating, Vasington
 4/8/1998Dispute resolution procedure regarding standards of conduct between distribution companies and their competitive affiliates. By Scott J. Mueller, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene &MacRae 97-96 see motion docket 
Reply Comments3/20/1998Comments of Cablevision and Reply Comments of Cablevision. BY: Cablevision Cameron F. Kerry
Comments3/20/1998Comments of Cablevision and Reply Comments of Cablevision. BY: Cablevision Cameron F. Kerry
Reply Comments12/22/1997Reply comments of Berkshire Gas Company By Eric J Krathwohl, Rich, May, Bilodeau &Flaherty 97-96 faxed
 12/22/1997Final written comments of the Edison Electric Institute By Johannes W Williams EEI, 97-96 
cmments12/19/1997Comments of Allenergy Marketing Co. LLC. regarding the revision of standards of conduct. By Dennis J Kearney, Kearney & Gleason 97-96
 12/19/1997Reply comments of Bostongas. By Jeffrey Leupold, Boston Gas 97-96 
 12/19/1997Final comments of Enron Energy Services regarding revising standards of conduct. By John A DeTore, Rubin &Rudman, 97-96 
 12/19/1997Final comments of the Division of Energy Resources on proposed revisions to standards of conduct. and Attachment 1. Draft WFW7.0) - Decision draft decision of all econome(mailed 10/31/97) and Appendix B. Energy Service provider service agreement.By Mary B Gentleman, Foley, Hoag, & Eliot, 97-96 
 12/19/1997WMECO submits brief letter as its final comments. By Stephen Klionsky, WMECO- 
 12/19/1997Reply comments by Thomas Robinson, Mass. Electric Co. 97-96 
 12/19/1997Reply comments of Cablevision Systems Corp. and Attachments: Appendix 1,Testimony of Peter Bradford, Appendix 2. Abuses of Monopoly Consumers in relationship with competitive affiliates, and Appendix 3 The National Regulatory Research Institute By Cameron F Kerry, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo 97-96 
 12/19/1997Final comments of Boston Edison Co. By Catherine Keuthen, BECO 97-96 
 12/19/1997Post- hearing comments of Cambridge Electric Light Co., Commonwealth Electric Co., and Commonwealth Gas Co., on the proposed expansion of the standards of conduct regulations. By Robert N Werlin,Keegan, Werlin &Pabian 97-96 
 12/19/1997Reply comments of Locals 273, 369, 387, 392 and 431 of the Utility Workers' Union of America, AFL-CIO and the Mass. Alliance of Utility Unions. By Suzanne M LaMantia,Bernstein, Cushner &Kimmell 97-96 
 12/19/1997Final comments of Colonial Gas Co. By Bruce B Glendening, Colonial Gas. 97-96 
 12/19/1997Final comments of the New England Cable Television Association, Inc. By Alan Mandl(adm), Ottenberg, Dunkless, Mandl &Mandl 97-96 
 12/19/1997Final comments of Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Co. on proposed revisions to the standards of conduct, 220 CMR section 12.00, et seq unsigned 97-96 
Reply Comments12/19/1997Reply comments of Fall River Gas Co. By Eric J Krathwohl, Rich, May, Bilodeau & Flaherty 97-96
 12/10/1997Transcript received of Hearing held on December 8, 1997; Vol. 1, 257 pages. 
 12/5/1997Letter Boston Edison has designated a Dispute Resolution Officer, Robert J Weafer, Jr.800 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. BECO 02199. By Catherine J Keuthen, 97-96 
comments12/1/1997Comments of Green Mountain Energy Resources LLC, and Attachment Alternate Decision Alternate Pages of Commissioners Knights and Bilas (mailed 10/31/97) Before the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California. By. Karen O'Neil, Green Mountain Energy Resources 97-96
 11/28/1997Initial comments of the Edison Electric Institute and Attachment, Report to the President and Congress of the U.S. on the current status and likely impacts integrated resource planning By Johannes W Williams, EEI 97-96 
 11/26/1997Initial Comments of Boston Edison Co. and Attachment A Testimonyof Alred E Kahn on behalf of Boston Edison Co. By Catherine Keuthen , BECO 97-96 
 11/26/1997Initial comments of the Edison Electric Institute and Attachment, Report to the President and Congress of the U.S. on the current status and likely impacts integrated resource planning By Johannes W Williams, EEI 97-96 faxed 
 11/25/1997Comments of the New England Cable Television Association, Inc. By Alan D Mandl 97-96 
 11/25/1997Comments of Enron Energy Services regarding revising standards of conduct. By John A DeTore, Rubin & Rudman 97-96 And Attachment 1 and 2 newspaper clipping 
Initial Comments11/25/1997Initial comments of Essex County Gas Co. By David S Rosenzweig, Keegan, Werlin &Pabian 97-96
 11/25/1997Comments of Eastern Edison Co. By Emily E SmithLee, McDermott, Will & Emery 97-96 
 11/25/1997Letter on behalf of Northeast Chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors Association in favor of existing 220 CMR By Gordon BMacEwan, Plumbing & Heating Cooling Contractors of Mass. faxed 
 11/25/1997Comments of the Division of Energy Resources on proposed revisions to standards of conduct (220 CMR ss 12.00 ET SEQ By Mary Beth Gentleman, Foley, Hoag & Eliot 
 11/25/1997Initial comments of Local 273, 369, 392, and 431 of the Utility Workers' Union of America, AFL-CIO and the Mass. Alliance of Utility Unions. By Jeffrey M Bernstein, Bernstein, Cushner & Kimmell 97-96 
 11/25/1997Initial comments of Boston Edison Co And Resume of Alfred E Kahn. By Catherine Keuthen 97-96 Boston Edison Co. faxed 
 11/25/1997Mass. Electric Co. opposes the proposed expansion of the definition of competitive affiliate in the Department's standard of conduct regulations. COMMENTS By Thomas G Robinson , Mass. Electric 97-96 
 11/25/1997Comments of NEV East and Exh. A. Industrial & Commercial Pilot Enrollment Deadline 9/29/97 By Barbara Kates-Garnick, NEW East LLC. 97-96 
 11/25/1997Initial comments of Colonial Gas Co. By Jeffrey F Jones, Palmer & Dodge 97-96 
 11/25/1997Initial comments of Cambridge Electric Light Co., Commonwealth Electric Co., and Commonwealth Gas Co., on standards of conduct. By Robert N Werlin, Keegan, Werlin & Pabian 97-96 
 11/25/1997Initial comments of Fitchburg Gas & Electric Light Co. on proposed revisions to the standards of conduct, 220 CMR Sections 12.00 et seq By Scott J Mueller, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae 97-96 
 11/25/1997Initial comments of the Berkshire Gas Co. By Eric J Krathwohl, Rich, May, Bilodeau & Flaherty 97-96 
 11/25/1997Initial comments of Western Mass. Electric Co. By Stephen Klionsky, WMECO 97-96 
 11/25/1997Comments of the Attorney General. By James W Stetson. Asst AG 97-96 
 11/25/1997Initial Comments of Fall River Gas Co.By Eric J Krathwohl, Rich, May, Bilodeau & Flaherty 97-96 
 11/25/1997Comments of Green Mountain Energy Resources LIC By Kevin O'Neil, Green Mountain Energy Resources. FAXED 97-96 
 11/25/1997Initial comments of Boston Gas Co. By Jeffrey M Leupold 97-96 
 11/21/1997Preliminary written comments of Bay State Gas Co. By William D MacGillvary, Bay State Gas Co, 97-96 
Comments11/21/1997Initial comments of Cablevision Systems Corporation and Direct Testimony of John J. Reed. By Cameron F. Kerry of Mintz, Levin, Cohen, et al, DPU 97-96 See Testimony
 11/21/1997Initial comments of Eastern Power Distribution, Inc. and Eastern Energy Marketing, Inc. By Mary E Tighe, The Eastern Group 97-96 
 11/18/1997On behalf of Bay State Gas Co.,Boston Edison Co., Boston Gas Co., Cambridge Electric Light Co., Colonial Gas Co., Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Co., and Western Mass. Electric Co., request that the deadline for initial comments be extended to Tuesday, November 25, 1997. By Robert N Werlin, Keegan, Werlin &Pabian, 97-96 corresp 
Order10/17/1997ORDER ISSUED. Commissioners: Besser, Patrone, 97-96 DPU
Order10/17/1997ORDER ISSUED. Commissioners: Besser, Patrone, 97-96 DPU
 10/17/1997Letter to David B Struhs, DOE, re:standards of conduct governing the relationship between gas & electric distribution. And the Department solicits comments. By Christopher H Kallaher, Hearing Officer, 97-96 
 10/17/1997Hearing notice issued to receive oral comments on the proposed revisions on Monday, December 8, 1997, 10am, Saltonstall. 97-96 
 10/17/1997Letter to Marilyn Contreas,Municipal Policy Analyst, re:standards of conduct governing the relationship between gas & electric distribution. And the Department solicits comments. By Christopher H Kallaher, Hearing Officer, 97-96 
 10/17/1997Letter to John Robertson, Local Government Advisory Committee, re: standards of conduct governing the relationship between gas & electric distribution. And the Department solicits comments. By Christopher H Kallaher, Hearing Officer, 97-96 

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JudithSilvia, Esq.Masachusetts Technology CollaborativeTen Park Plaza, Transportation Bldg, Ste 3720BostonMA02116silvia@masstech.org617-973-8699617-973-8654
MichaelRhodeMass. Asscoiation of School Superintendents132 Lincoln StreetBostonMA02111   
ChrisGoodeMass. Business Roundtable250 Boylston StreetBostonMA02116 000-267-4782000-267-0881
AlanBedwellMass. Department of Environmental ProtectionOne Winter StreetBostonMA02108 000-574-6880000-292-5856
DeciaGoodwinMass. Housing Finance AgencyOne Beacon StreetBostonMA02108-3110 617-854-1028617-854-1703
JohnBoudreauMass. Municipal Wholesale Electric CompanyP. O. Box 426LudlowMA01056jboudreau@mmwec.org413-589-1585413-589-0141
HowardFoleyMassachusetts High Technology Council1601 Trapelo RoadWalthamMA02154 781-890-7478781-890-6482
AkiraYabumotoMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyOne Amherst Street (E40-280)CambridgeMA02139-4307 000-253-9845000-253-7310
GeoffreyBeckwithMassachusetts Municipal AssociationOne Winthrop SquareBostonMA02110gbeckwith@mma.org617-695-1314617-426-7272
StephenCorbett, DirectorMassachusetts Water Resources Authority100 First Avenue - Charlestown Navy YardBostonMA02109 617-788-4899617-242-6000
JohnEdgarMassachusetts Water Resources Authority100 First AvenueBostonMA02129 000-241-6200000-242-6000
CeliaStricklerMassachusetts Water Resources Authority100 First AvenueBostonMA02129 000-241-6070000-242-6000
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EmilySmith-Lee, Esq.McDermott, Will & Emery28 State StreetBostonMA02109-1775 000-535-3800000-535-4000
E. MichaelSlomanMeyer, Connolly, Sloman & MacDonald12 Post Office SquareBostonMA02109 000-426-4687000-423-2254
John MichaelAdragna,Miller, Balis & O'Neil, P. C.1140 Nineteenth St. N.W., Suite 700WashingtonDC20036 202-296-0166202-296-2960
BrianHollandMiller, Balis & O'Neil, P.C.1140 Nineteenth St. N.W., Suite 700WashingtonDC20036 202-296-0166202-296-2960
CameronKerry, Esq.Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & PopeoOne Financial CenterBostonMA02111cfkerry@mintz.com617-542-2241617-542-6000
LawrencePlitch, Esq.Minuteman Wind, LLC10 Speen StreetFraminghamMA01701LAG1006@GMAIL.COM 617-467-5888
AndrewWeissman, Esq.Morrison & Foerster2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.WashingtonDC20006-1888 202-887-202-887-1518
KennethGordonNational Economic Research Associationmilford WindhamME04062-0368 207-893-0790207-893-2385
StevenRothsteinNational Energy Choice, LLC530 Atlantic AvenueBostonMA02110 617-772-7550617-772-7500
CraigGoodmanNational Energy Marketers Association3333 K. Street, N.W., Suite 110WashingtonDC20007cgoodman@energymarketers.com202-333-3266202-333-3288
AmyRabinowitz, Esq.National Grid40 Sylvan RoadWalthamMA02451amy.rabinowitz@nationalgrid.com781-907-5701781-907-1830
ThomasRobinson, Esq.National Grid USA Service Company25 Research DriveWestboroughMA01582-0099thomas.robinson@us.ngrid.com508-389-2463508-389-2877
MeabhPurcell, Esq.National Grid USA Service Company, Inc.40 Sylvan 781-907-1789
MerribelAyresNational Independent Energy Producers601 13th Street, N.W., Suite 320 SouthWashingtonDC20005 202-783-6506202-783-2244
KatherineGekasNeighborhood Power87 Adella AvenueNewtonMA02465 617-795-0405617-795-2081
JamesMathesNew Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce794 Purchase StreetNew BedfordMA02740chamber@ultranet.com508-999-5237508-999-5231
PeterFlynn, Esq.New England Power Service25 Research DriveWestboroughMA01581 508-898-2665508-366-9011
NancyBrockway, Esq.New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission8 Old Suncook RoadConcordNH03301-7319 603-271-3878603-271-2243
RobertDewees, Jr., Esq.Nixon Peabody LLP100 Summer StreetBostonMA02110-2131rdewees@nixonpeabody.com617-947-1870617-345-1316
BrianReevesNorstar Energy2323 S. Shepherd, Suite 810HoustonTX77019 713-542-9222713-524-1818
JamesConnollyNortheast Utilities Service Company107 Selden StreetBerlinCT06037 860-665-3314860-665-4832
CatherineKeuthen, Esq.NStar Electric & Gas Company800 Boylston Street, 36th FloorBostonMA02199Catherine_Keuthen@nstar.com617-424-2733617-424-3160
RichardMorrison, Esq.NStar Electric & Gas Corporation800 Boylston Street, 17th floorBostonMA02199 617-424-2733617-424-2111
JohnCope-Flanagan, Esq.NStar Services Co.800 Boylston Street, 17th FloorBostonMA02199john_cope-flanagan@nstar.com617-424-2733617-424-2103
NicholasMattia, Jr.O & R Energy, Inc.28 West Grand AvenueMontvaleNJ07645 201-307-0587201-307-1188
DouglasBauerOak Ridge National Laboratory, Energy Division600 Maryland Ave, SW, Suite 306WWashingtonDC20024 202-479-0575202-479-2689
FrederickAugensternOffice of the Attorney General200 Portland St., 3rd FloorBostonMA02114 000-727-9665000-727-2200
EdwardBohlenOffice of the Attorney GeneralOne Ashburton
FrankPozniakOffice of the Attorney General200 Portland StreetBostonMA02114 000-727-1047000-727-2200
JosephRogers, Esq.Office of the Attorney GeneralOne Ashburton
JamesStetson, Esq.Office of the Attorney GeneralOne Ashburton
NeilRootareOmega Energy Services729 West Ann Arbor Tr.PlymouthMI48170 313-416-9981313-416-9700
LaurieGill, Esq.Palmer & Dodge, LLP111 Huntington AvenueBostonMA02199-7613lgill@palmerdodge.com617-227-4420617-239-0186
JeffreyJones, Esq.Palmer & Dodge, LLP111 Huntington Ave., 19th floorBostonMA02199-7613jjones@palmerdodge.com617-227-4420617-239-0561
F. NanWagonerPanEnergy Corp.P.O. Box 1642HoustonTX77251-1642 713-989-3190713-627-5240
SusanSmithPepperell Board of AssessorsOne Main StreetPepperellMA01463-1644 978-433-0335978-433-0322
GordonMacEwanPlumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Mass.178 Forbes Road, Suite 218BraintreeMA02184-2610phcc@shore.net781-843-1178781-843-3800
MarkLeDucPreti, Flaherty, Beliveau & Pachios45 Memorial Circle, P.O. Box 1058AugustaME04332-1058 207-623-2914207-623-5300
LindaMilkulecProEnergy616 FM 1960 West, Suite 800HoustonTX77090 713-583-4493713-583-6461
RogerColtonPublic Finance and General Economics34 Warwick RoadBelmontMA02478 000-484-0594000-484-0597
BryanDecker, Esq.PYLE, ROME & LICHTEN, P.C.18 Tremont St., Suite 500BostonMA02108 617-367-4820617-367-7200
WarrenPyle, Esq.PYLE, ROME & LICHTEN, P.C.18 Tremont St., Suite 500BostonMA02108wpyle@prle.com617-367-4820617-367-7200
PatrickHuntingtonQuinn & Morris141 Tremont StreetBostonMA02111 000-426-8564000-423-3500
JonathanRaabRaab Associates Ltd.118 South St., Suite 3ABostonMA02111raab@raabassociates.org617-350-6655617-350-5544
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EmmettLyne, Esq.Rich, May, Bilodeau & Flaherty, P.C.176 Federal St., 6th FloorBostonMA02110-2223elyne@richmay.com617-556-3889617-556-3885
ScottRidleyRidley & Associates115 Kendrick RoadEast HarwichMA02645sr@ridleyandassociates.com508-432-3788508-430-1763
UsherFogel, Esq.Roland, Fogel, Koblenz & Carr, L.L.P.One Columbia PlaceAlbanyNY12207 518-434-3232518-434-8112
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MichaelJacobsSecond Wind, Inc.366 Summer StreetSomervilleMA02144 000-776-0391000-776-8520
PeterGlaser, Esq.Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP600 14th Street, N.W., Suite 800WashingtonDC20005-2004 202-783-4211 
TerryStromSkadden ArpsOne Beacon St, 31st Flr.BostonMA02108 000-573-4832000-573-4800
JulieScofieldSmaller Business Association of New England204 Second AvenueWalthamMA02154 781-890-4567781-890-9070
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RobertRuddock, Esq.Smith, Segel & Ruddock50 Congress Street, Suite 500BostonMA02109rruddock@srhpublicpolicy.com617-523-7171617-523-0600
StevenStrongSolar Desgn Associates, Inc.P.O. Box 242HarvardMA01451-0242 978-456-3030978-456-6855
JohnMolindaStategic Energy Ltd.Two Gateway Center, 9th FloorPittsburghPA15222 412-394-6576412-394-6956
JohnKilgo, Jr.Sterling Municipal Light Department50 Main StreetSterlingMA01564-2135kilgoj@aol.com978-422-8054978-422-8267
DianeCammerataStrategic Energy L.L.C.2 Gateway Center, 9th FloorPittsburghPA15222-1425dcammerata@sel.com412-394-6550412-394-6522
WilliamPenniman, Esq.Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan1275 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.WashingtonDC20004-2404 202-637-3593202-383-0100
JulieMichaelsTellus Institute11 Arlington StreetBostonMA02116 000-266-8303000-266-5400
RubenBrownThe E Cubed Company, L.L.C.215 East 79th StreetNew YorkNY10021ruben.brown.ecubedllc@gmail.com917-937-3960917-974-3146
DavidBellThe Energy Consortium42 Labor-In-Vain RoadIpswichMA01938-2626 978-356-0838978-356-0838
BrucePaulThe Energy Consortium42 Labor-In-Vain RoadIpswichMA01938-2626 978-356-0838978-356-0838
ChristopherMcCabeTown of BraintreeOne J.F.K. Memorial DriveBraintreeMA02184 781-848-2739781-848-1870
LouiseHatchTown of Plymouth11 Lincoln StreetPlymouthMA02360 508-830-4062508-830-4010
AnthonyBolynTrigen-Boston Energy Corporation210 South StreetBostonMA02111 000-482-3235000-482-8080
RichardStrongTrigen-Boston Energy Corporation210 South StreetBostonMA02111 000-482-3235000-482-8080
LawrenceGollompU. S. Department of Energy WashingtonDC20585 202-586-7479202-586-5000
MichaelKenyonU. S. Environmental Protection AgencyJFK Federal Building, Mail Code CAABostonMA02203 000-565-4940000-565-3524
MaryNicholsU. S. Environmental Protection Agency401 M St., SWWashingtonDC20460 202-260-5155202-260-7400
SeanFinnertyU.S. Generating Co.One Bowdoin SquareBostonMA02114 000-367-9580000-720-7658
DouglasEganU.S. Generating CompanyOne Bowdoin SquareBostonMA02114 000-227-2690000-227-8080
CourtneyMillerUrban Solar Initiatives18 Porter StreetSomervilleMA02143 000-628-9545000-628-0852
JoanneGoldstein, Esq.Utility Workers Union of America AFL-CIO30 Mill StreetNewton CentreMA02459 000-742-2187000-969-2555
JohnWelch, Esq.Welch & Barba, P.C.1380 Main Street, Suite 201SpringfieldMA01103-1655jwelch@welchbarba.com413-734-8659413-734-6734
TonyGeeWEPCo50 Charles Lindburgh Blvd, Suite 400UniondaleNY11553 516-227-2350516-229-2280
StephenKlionsky, Esq.Western Massachusetts Electric Company100 Summer Street, 23rd FloorBostonMA02110-2131klionsh@nu.com617-345-1148617-345-1066
ChristopherO'BrieWheeled Electric Company (WEPCO)11 Beacon Street, Suite 525BostonMA02108-3006c.obrien@ibm.net000-227-5215000-557-4492
JoelBlau, Esq.Wheeled Electric Power Company32 Windsor CourtDelmarNY12054 518-439-2083518-439-5956
JohnO'BrienWheeled Electric Power Company50 Charles Lindbergh Blvd, Suite 207UniondaleNY11553 516-227-2350516-229-2280
PatriciaFrazierWinthrop Board of SelectmenTown Hall - One Metcalf Sq.WinthropMA02152-3156 000-846-5458000-846-1077
MargaretRosslerWright & Talisman  MA  000-781-1719