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SITING/DTE13-165DPU INVESTIGATIONInvestigation by the Department of Public Utilities on its own Motion into Best Practices for the Siting of Land-Based Wind Energy Facilities.NOTICE OF INQUIRY10/31/2013  

Docket Electronic Filings
Comments by Joanne T. Levesque2/21/2014Comments by Joanne T. Levesque
Attachment2/21/2014Comments by Joanne T. Levesque
Comments by Gordon Deane2/20/2014Comments of Palmer Capital Corporation and Palmer Management Corporation submitted by Gordon L. Deane
Cover Letter2/20/2014Comments of Palmer Capital Corporation and Palmer Management Corporation submitted by Gordon L. Deane
Comments by Noel Abbott2/20/2014Comments by Noel Abbott
Comments by Barbara Durkin2/20/2014Comments by Barbara Durkin
Comments by Margaret Burke2/20/2014Comments of Margaret Burke
Comments by Kathleen A. Sherman2/20/2014 Comments filed by K. A. Sherman
Comments by RENEW2/20/2014Comments on behalf of Renewable Energy New England, Inc., (RENEW), by Francis Pullaro
Comments by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution2/20/2014Comments of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, by Paul Fucile
Comments by National Grid2/20/2014Comments of National Grid USA by Mark Rielly
Comments by Mass Audubon2/20/2014Comments of Mass Audubon comments on the Department submitted by John Clarke
Comments by MACC2/20/2014Comments of the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions, by Eugene Benson, Executive Director
Comments by Marie J. Stamos2/20/2014Comments by Marie J. Stamos
Comments by Susan Masino2/20/2014Comments and volume 5 of the Peru Free Press by Susan Masino
Attachment2/20/2014Comments and volume 5 of the Peru Free Press by Susan Masino
Comments2/20/2014Comments of the Connecticut River Watershed Council, by Andrea Donlon
Comments2/20/2014Comments of The Nature Conservancy’s Massachusetts Chapter, by Andy Finton
Comments by Linda Ohkgawa2/20/2014Supplemental comments of Linda H. Ohkagawa to those received at the hearing at Cape Cod Community College
Comments by SED2/20/2014Comments of Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc., by Kevin M. Schulte, CEO and Founder
Comments by Green Berkshires, INC.2/20/2014Comments on behalf of Green Berkshires, Inc. d/b/a Green Berkshires, by Vincent DeVito.
Comments from the AMC2/20/2014Comments of the Appalachian Mountain Club, by Heather Clish and David Publicover
Comments2/20/2014Comments of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, by Geoffrey Beckwith, Executive Director
Comments by Richard Koehler2/20/2014Comments of Richard Koehler
Comments by Barry Funfar2/19/2014Comments by Barry Funfar
Comments by Virginia Irvine2/19/2014Comments by Virginia Irvine
Comments by Ron Zweig2/19/2014Comments by Ronald D. Zweig
Comments by Harry L. Dodson2/19/2014Comments by Harry L. Dodson
 2/19/2014Transcript received of Public Hearing, held at Cape Cod Community College, 2240 Iyanough Road, West Barnstable, MA, on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 4 p.m. Vol. E, Pages 1-187 
Comments by Rene Wood2/18/2014Comments by Rene Wood
Comments by Dale LaBonte2/18/2014Comments by (Ms) Dale LaBonte.
Comments by Barry Funfar2/18/2014Comments by Barry Funfar
Comments2/18/2014Comments on behalf of Wind Wise Massachusetts
Comments by Helen Schwiesow Parker, Ph.D2/17/2014Comments by Helen Schwiesow Parker, Ph.D.
Attachment2/17/2014Comments by Helen Schwiesow Parker, Ph.D.
Attachment2/17/2014Comments by Helen Schwiesow Parker, Ph.D.
 2/13/2014CD with information on wind siting submitted by Lili-Ann Green 
Comments by Lilli-Ann Green2/13/2014Comments by Lilli-Ann Green
Attachment - Public Health Disaster WWMA2/13/2014Comments by Lilli-Ann Green
Attachment - Symptoms reported2/13/2014Comments by Lilli-Ann Green
Attachment - Consequences of Sleep Deprivation2/13/2014Comments by Lilli-Ann Green
Attachment - DPH Letter2/13/2014Comments by Lilli-Ann Green
Attachment - Reject the findings of the MassDEP2/13/2014Comments by Lilli-Ann Green
Attachment - Wind Turbine Siting Written Response2/13/2014Comments by Lilli-Ann Green
Comments by Tom and Janet King2/11/2014Comments by Tom and Janet King
Comments by Liz Argo2/10/2014Comments by Liz Argo of Orleans, MA
Comments by Paul Mark2/10/2014Comments by Paul Mark, State Representative.
Comments by Laura Marshall2/10/2014Comments by Laura Marshall
Comments of Danielle Jesudowich2/10/2014Comments of Danielle Jesudowich.
 2/7/2014Transcript received of Public Hearing held at Gloucester High School, 32 Leslie D. Johnson Road, Gloucester, MA on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 7 p.m. Vol. D, Pages 1-54 
 2/7/2014Transcript received of Public Hearing held at the Berkshire Community College, 1350 West Street, Pittsfield, MA on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Vol. C, Pages 1-122 
LetterComment of Ogin, Inc.2/6/2014Comments on behalf of Ogin, Inc. By John B. Howe
 2/6/2014Statement of Bruce Mandel 
Comments2/6/2014Comments on behalf of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments.
Response to Request for Comments2/6/2014Comments on behalf of Kathleen Hervol & Stacy Minihane
Comments by Dr. Daniel Farb2/6/2014Comments by Dr. Daniel Farb.
 2/6/2014Comments by Steven JF Scannell 
 2/5/2014Comments by Linda Salamon of Harwich 
Comments by Lloyd Crawford2/4/2014Comments and supporting documentation by Lloyd Crawford.
Calculations2/4/2014Comments and supporting documentation by Lloyd Crawford.
Comments by Dan Webb2/4/2014Comments on behalf of Notus Clean Energy, LLC, by Dan Webb.
 2/3/2014Comments by Randi Allfather of Nantucket 
Comments by S.E. Ambrose1/29/2014Comments filed by S.E. Ambrose & Associates of Windham, ME
Comments by Fred Person and Dhyan Nirmegh1/29/2014Comments by Fred Person and Dhyan Nirmegh
Comments by Frank Haggerty1/28/2014Comments of Frank Haggerty
Comments by Chris Kapsambelis1/28/2014Comments by Chris Kapsambelis
 1/28/2014Comments filed by Frank Haggerty 
 1/27/2014Comments filed by Marshall Rosenthal of Savoy, MA 
Comments by Dr. Wayne Klug1/27/2014Comments by Dr. Wayne Klug of Pittsfield, MA
Comments by Susan Masino1/27/2014Comments by Susan Masino of Peru, MA, on behalf of Peru Free Press
Comments by Linda Kaye-Moses and Evan Soldinger1/27/2014Comments by Linda Kaye-Moses and Evan Soldinger
Comments by Marshall Rosenthal1/27/2014Comments by Marshall Rosenthal
 1/27/2014Comments filed by Michael Fairneny of Florida, MA 
 1/27/2014Comments filed by Laura Marshall of Peru, MA 
Comments by Kenneth Kelly1/27/2014Comments filed by Kenneth Kelly of Lenox
Comments by Ken & Ethel Kipen1/24/2014Comments by Ken & Ethel Kipen.
Comments of Mark J. Cool1/24/2014Comments of Mark J. Cool
Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing1/24/2014Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing and Extension of Written Comment Period to Feb. 20, 2014
 1/24/2014Transcript received of Public Hearing, held on Monday, January 13, 2013 at 7 p.m., at Mt. Wachusett Community College, 444 Green Street, South Café, Gardner, MA. Vol. B, Pages 1-35 
 1/24/2014Transcript received of Public Hearing, held on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 4 p.m., at Bunker Hill Community College, 250 Rutherford Avenue, Room A300, Boston, MA. Vol. A, Pages 1-64 
Comments by Daniel Farb1/20/2014Comments by Daniel Farb
Comments by William Griswold1/13/2014Comments by William Griswold.
Addendum1/7/2014Addendum to Comments by David Dardi
Responses1/7/2014Addendum to Comments by David Dardi
Comments of Walter Cudnohufsky1/2/2014Comments of Walter Cudnohufsky Landscape Architect - Land and Community Planner, Ashfield, MA
Responses by David M Dardi12/23/2013Comments by David Dardi.
Comments by Jayne Abbott12/23/2013Comments by Jayne Abbott.
Comments12/18/2013Comments by Carl K. Borchert
Comments12/16/2013Comments of United Wind, Inc., submitted by Nihar Shah
Comments of Carmen Krogh, BScPharm12/12/2013Comments of Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Attachment12/12/2013Comments of Carmen Krogh, BScPharm`
Attachment12/12/2013Comments of Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Attachment12/12/2013Comments of Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Attachment12/12/2013Comments of Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Attachment12/12/2013Comments of Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Schedule of Public Hearings12/9/2013Schedule of Public Hearings finalized
Comments by Stephen Ryack12/6/2013Comments by Stephen Ryack
Comments of BRPC12/3/2013Comments on behalf of the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission.
Comments by Larry Goodman12/2/2013Comments by Larry Goodman
Attachment (Open letter About Danes and WTS)11/25/2013Comments of Linda Salamon.
Attachment (Presentation-WIND-EN-FINAL)11/25/2013Comments of Linda Salamon.
Attachment (England and Wales High Court Decision)11/25/2013Comments of Linda Salamon.
Attachment (McMurtry Toward)11/25/2013Comments of Linda Salamon.
Notice of Extension11/25/2013 DPU extends initial comment period to February, 2014
Attachment (Acoustic-Noise)11/25/2013Comments of Linda Salamon.
Attachment (Bronzaft Children and Noise)11/25/2013Comments of Linda Salamon.
Attachment (Frey Hadden WT noise health)11/25/2013Comments of Linda Salamon.
Request for Extension11/20/2013Request for extension of comment period by Windwise
Comment by Marie DeLuca11/19/2013Comment by Marie DeLuca of Quincy
Comments by Peter Rose11/19/2013Comments by Peter Rose
 11/12/2013Proof of Publication in The Boston Herald on Friday, November 8, 2013. 
 11/5/2013Assignment to Hearing Officer, Kathy Sedor. 
Vote and Order Opening Investigation10/31/2013DPU issues Notice of Vote and Order Opening Investigation